Friday, November 28, 2008

Excellent Day :-)

Amazing day.....made the most of it and prepared hard.....didnt get a single algebra sum wrong (that goes for data sufficiency too) on a high know what??I am going to San Antonio this weekend. The guys couldnt let me stay behind!!!!!!Well, they are a driver short if I dont turn up ;)...didnt know I was Mr. Popular here....This would be my last trip with them as I am packing off on dec 22nd and there was no way they would not let me not to come :D...Am gonna attack statistics, permutations and probablity tomorrow. They have been my Archiles heel for quite sometime...well, I have conquered sentence correction.....this is Vijay said in one of his movies....Evalo Pannitom...Ithu Kooda Panna Maatoma :p

Made Aalu Jeera and people loved it....mashed potatoes with jeera all over it...pretty simple na :)..Made the Non Iyengar rasam (or should I say...Shaathumadhu) because my roomies dont like the Iyengar one :(.........came out OK...could be better...but what the hell....those gluttons gorged on it leaving none for poor lil me.....feel bad that I am not doing anything for the roomies are so focussed on making me travel at any cost that they are supervising my studies :)...How much can a 26 yr old take?????

Oh ya....todays song of the day...its vintage Rafi saab...Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar Ki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi :)

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