Thursday, November 02, 2006

Aaj Dil Ne Socha.....

Today on the 30th of august, I sat all alone in my room rueing the fact that no one had wished me on my birthday. My gaze fell on an old photograph which had me and my close buddies Neha,DK and Jazz(Jai kaishen but he likes it this way). Immediately I started feeling nostalgic and my mind raced 15 years back when we celebrated Neha's birthday by freaking her out.

The date was Nov 2nd 1991 and it was 11.55 in the night.Dk,Jazz and I had decided to sneak into Neha's room to give her a surprise. DK and I slithered down the compound wall without a sound but Jazz landed with a thud loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood(one thing - he can never be a thief!!!!). This woke Neha's parents and her dad being a police inspector immediately came out with his stick but not before waking up the neighbours. It didnt take them long enough to find us and we were literally mauled by all of them.

It was this sound which brought Neha running out find what happened and man.........the inexplicable expression on her face when she saw us there was hilarious. The clock then struck 12 and we sheepishly pulled out the surprise gift we had bought for her. We then celebrated her birthday in the middle of the night with the entire neighborhood but not before a small diatribe from her dad...all in good humour though.

After that, all of us chose our own paths in destiny. Neha got married to a gem of a guy and settled down in New Zealand. Jazz went to the states to pusue his P.Hd and DK joined a software company in Noida leaving me all alone in Chennai.

I was bought back into the present with the sound of the bell ringing. I opened the door only to find the three of them there...and as usual like an idiot sttod there in shock unable to comprehend what was happening around me. I still remember what jazz said...abe khade khade kya kar raha hai...gale nahi lagega kya.....MAN!!!!We hugged each other tight,caught up with old times and finally cut the cake to start the celebrations.

That day all of us realised how empty our lives were without each other. We made up for all the lost time that day but eventually we had to return to our respective lives. We parted with the promise that no matter whee we all are, we'll be very much a part of each other's lives and will always be together. Afterall, this is what friends are for.