Friday, November 28, 2008

A Wednesday - Mumbai Attacked And India Bled!!!!

A Wendesday....Mumbai under Seige!!!! Terrorists infilktrated our country through the Gateway of India and in all of a sudden, so many innocent people either lost their lives or were badly wounded. What on earth is going on????Yet another terrorist attck???Is it an act of negligence or is it that these terrorists hoodwinked our intelligence? It is hard to fathom. In either case, its the innocent people who have lost their lives. Three of Mumbai's or I would say India's finest officers sacrificed their lives for the country. Why did that happen? Because their revolvers were no match for the terrorist's AK 47...DAMN!!!!!! The Taj Hotel Manager's entire family got wiped out leaving him to pick the many like him are mourning the loss of their entire family and that too for no fault of theirs!!!!

I am deeply saddened to see the sorry state of affairs in Mumbai. A city where I share a lot of childhood memories has turned into a playground for these bastards (sorry abt the profanity...they deserve it!!!) who enter our country and go on a killing spree. It pains me to see that our country is so insecure that anyone can just come in thro the GATEWAY OF INDIA (Ironically) and kill at will. And what pains me even more is the blame game the COngress and BJP are playing long will we remember Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte's sacrifice???A week??A Month???Max a year!!!!Then its the SO CALLED SPIRIT OF MUMBAI (let me take this opportunity to salute the spirit of Mumbai...the resilience Mumbai has shown after the various attacks it has faced is amazing!!!!) which will eventually prevail and this too will be forgotten. It will take another jolt for our country to actually wake up and realize that we have a problem.

Why is it that everytime we are attacked, the intelligence supposedly has no clue? Lot of theories came out. A coast guard apparently alerted our government on Nov 18th that there would be a possible infiltration through sea. The fisherwomen have noticed strange people unloading ammonutions at the gateway and when they reported this to the local police, no action was taken (indeed baffling).....Russian intelligence had warned our government that Mumbai would face an attack yet our Intelligence is clueless!!!!Thats what they have to say!!!!!! Is our INTELLIGENCE INTELLIGENT enough???? And I was waiting to type this out.....WHERE (Profanity deleted) is Raj Thakeray and his MEE MARATHI spirit???? Was he too busy bullying the bihari/UP bhaiyaas that he had no time for these terrorists??WHERE IS the MNS OR NMS Whatever!!!!!!!!!!! Cant they beat the hell out these terrorist bastards like they did to our own countrymen?

I might not know anyone who was directly affected with the blast but my heart bleeds when I see the happenings on screen. The first thought that comes across my mind is It could have been me. And to be frank, my entire body shudders at the very thought of it. The Mumbai Police and the army did a great job in combating the evil forces and making Mumbai secure again...but are we really secure??? Do we need the police and army to risk their lives time and again so that we can sleep in peace? Arent they human? Dont they have family and friends they like to be with??If there is a way to anhilate these terrorists in one go, nothing like it. These people cannot be considered as humans...bloody masochists!!!!!

Frankly speaking, we do not have anyone as tough as Sardar Vallabhai Patel in the highest echelons of the Govt. I do not know how our government functions internally and I have no rights to comment about it whatsoever but I feel our Govt is really soft on terror. Policemen still resort to lathis and the terrorists have weapons more sophisticated than AK 47 (courtesy NDTV)....blasts are happening in all parts of the country in the last 2 years and these people are getting away scott free. All that remains is the blame game politicians enjoy playing over our dead bodies!!!!!!!!. So many Hemant Karkare's, Ashok Tambe's, Vijay Salaskar's and all other innocent people will keep dying and nothing will change!!!! GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!

I admit that sitting in the US, all I can do is type this in my blog and give vent to my feelings. And millions of us feel the same way. But the way things are shaping up, it wont be long we pay these terrorist bastards back in their own language and that day will be deadly.

Excellent Day :-)

Amazing day.....made the most of it and prepared hard.....didnt get a single algebra sum wrong (that goes for data sufficiency too) on a high know what??I am going to San Antonio this weekend. The guys couldnt let me stay behind!!!!!!Well, they are a driver short if I dont turn up ;)...didnt know I was Mr. Popular here....This would be my last trip with them as I am packing off on dec 22nd and there was no way they would not let me not to come :D...Am gonna attack statistics, permutations and probablity tomorrow. They have been my Archiles heel for quite sometime...well, I have conquered sentence correction.....this is Vijay said in one of his movies....Evalo Pannitom...Ithu Kooda Panna Maatoma :p

Made Aalu Jeera and people loved it....mashed potatoes with jeera all over it...pretty simple na :)..Made the Non Iyengar rasam (or should I say...Shaathumadhu) because my roomies dont like the Iyengar one :(.........came out OK...could be better...but what the hell....those gluttons gorged on it leaving none for poor lil me.....feel bad that I am not doing anything for the roomies are so focussed on making me travel at any cost that they are supervising my studies :)...How much can a 26 yr old take?????

Oh ya....todays song of the day...its vintage Rafi saab...Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar Ki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cold Feet...:(

Well....yesterday I was gung ho about my San Anonio trip with my roomies. Though I did have my reservations with the GMAT looming, the thought that it would be my last trip with them kept me going...and today, I developed cold feet and backed out...and as expected, am under pressure to come back in. I didnt divulge the real reasons to back out though...true, it was the fear of the GMAT and on top of it, I had an extremely bad dream that I scored just 580...MAN...that number was so damn clear....and I had given myself a 2 day break from my books..and that has been slashed to a day :(....On the brighter side, I caught up with the India England one day matches and saw Sachin and Sehwag flog the Poms all around the park...hurray!!!India should make it 7-0...would be interesting :-)...back to the trip, I would be extremely uncomfortable throughout the weekend wasting all the $$( the expense is not the is just that I will not be able to enjoy the trip for the money paid) and on top of it, not studying!!!! :(.....

Another good thing was catching up with one of my best buddies from college. Niranjan had come down to Dallas this week and was pleasantly surprised to see a 103 kg heavy guy lose weight to 78 :-0) prizes for guessing who he is :D...We caught up on old times and time just flew. Should do this more often. Had a small altercation with mom on the GIRL issue :( I was not too interested to carry the conversation forward with the GMAT coming up but you know how pushy moms tend to be ....had to let loose all my pent up anger and tension..(I can be really mean sometimes) and spent the next 30 mins cajoling her and apologising :D...Thats me...anyways those who are reading this...and those who do or do not know me, do wish me luck :-) I need lots of it.

A small note...been stuck with the song Endhan Nenjil from the movie Kalaignan since morning . All my non tamil friends pls do listen to this song. Its a masterpiece.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dec 15th....Am Ready For Ya

Back to my often neglected a matter of fact, I've been neglecting everything I used to piano is full of dust, I am NOT watching the India - England series(the first time I am missing a cricket series), dropped out of the Dallas cricket league (not to mention that I scored a first ball duck in my only match ;p but what the hell....took 5 wickets with my so called right arm medium fast bowling last my shoulder is responding to the treatment) my blog is not updated and I've not COOKED for 2 weeks!!!!!! Its almost impossible for a foodie like me not to try out new stuff in the kitchen and force them into my roomies :p.....anyways....I am taking the GMAT on dec 15th and after a week......AM HEADING TO INDIA AND FOR  A MONTH LONG VACATION WOHOOOOO.....cant wait to go home and gorge on my mom's aalu parathas :) and ya....BESSIE BEACH!!!!!Missed it like crazy!!!!!!! ...........have a long list to complete once the GMAT is has taken a huge chunk of my life away :(.....The first thing I am gonna do is take my piano out and play my favourite tunes. Next, my house is in a MESS and I am a typical virgo(ya a cleanliness freak...THE MOST UNCLEAN CLEANLINESS FREAK!!! ;)...Next, track the circus which is going on at home (the girl search).....more than me or my parents, my relatives are buzzing with excitement...CANT THEY LEAVE ME ALONE?????I AM HAPPY STAYING SINGLE!!!!!! And the list goes on and on and on. ..............anyways gotta go back to my books....:D