Friday, October 19, 2007

Satrangi Re.......A Sight To Behold!!!!

I saw my first rain in the United States yesterday. Someone had told me long back, in the US, nothing is permanent. The weather patterns also agree with this. In a few seconds, the sky was enveloped by the dark clouds and before we could realise what was happening, the rain started pouring. I was driving back from work and since it was raining heavily making life difficult for a novice like me, I decided to pull over and listen to my compilation. Yes..this time it was a collection of songs by Shreya. A couple of weeks back, I had mailed her criticising her choice of songs of late and she was really sweet enough to reply hoping she wouldnt disappoint me in future...instead of telling me to mind my own business :-) I never even imagined that a phenom who took the music industry by storm would reply like this. No wonder I like her:-). And according to her mail, I had heard the songs she had mentioned and realised that I had reacted a bit too soon.....Anyways, my compilation had 14 of her songs which according to me, is her best till date.

The first song which played on my music system was Thode badmaash from the movie Saawariya. I had already fallen for Sonam Kapoor's eyes and that with Shreya's voice is a killer combination. I had fallen in love with this song right from day 1 and hearing it with the rain pouring outside was wonderful. Her soft voice, the beautiful lyrics and soothing music (not bad for a debutant music director) were having the desired effect.

The song describes what a woman thinks of her beloved. The only thing missing was a mug of piping hot coffee to go along with the mood. I would say this is a must hear for all music and Shreya lovers out there. In this song, her voice had everything..let it be emotions, love or the pain and yearning....I was totally mesmerised...I was lucky enough to miss the Tsunami by just 5 minutes back in 2004 but this time, the Shreya Tsunami got me totally :-) And I wanted to get swept away on this occassion.(On a personal note, I couldnt help feeling jealous for the man in her life..(errr...if there is one)...who is her BADMAASH!!!!! ;p)

The next one was my evergreen favourite..yup its the song from Ankahee :-) and possibly her best one till date... the rains were gettting worse but I was enjoying every single moment then. As soon as the song went on air, I was transported to my dreamland. I always get a recurring dream when I hear this number. I feel I am walking among the clouds searching for the voice I was hearing. At the end of my walk, I see a rainbow which says my search ends here. I snapped out of my reverie as the song ended and I noticed that much to my annoyance and relief(Annoyance because now I had to drive not concentrating on the music and relief as I can reach home now), the skies were clearing and before I realized this, the dark clouds vanished.

I started the ignition of my car when something caught my eye. It was one of the most beautiful visuals I had seen in my entire life. Right in front of me, were 3 rainbows; two of them were concentric and the third one was intersecting them with small white clouds floating between them. I was stunned by what I saw. I never knew that my dream would meet reality in such an emphatic fashion. The rainbows enchanted me with their radiant display of colours and believe me guys, I felt blessed. And that made me fall even more in love with this song :p and I have decided to bug her even more to sing this in her concerts from now on.

I drove home hoping I get to see this wonderful sight again. Maybe this is Gods way of telling me to convey this to much he loves her voice too :-0)...(So when it rains again, I'll listen to her songs :) )I must say God has been really kind for giving her to us and can only pray that she always remains in the pink of her health and all her dreams are desires are fulfilled. Thank You God and ya Shreya........A BIIIIIIG THANKS TO YOU TOO :-) Love your voice even more now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Remembering Rafi Saab - The Romantic Genius!!!!

I have written so many blogs in the past, composed shayiris and even tried my hand at poetry but never did I think of paying a tribute to the man I idolize. Its not because of laziness or nonchalance. Even while I am writing this, I feel I dont deserve even to talk about his greatness. His contribution to music is second to none and yes...I am talking about none other than Rafi saab.

Rafi saab has been the main reason for my obsession for music. I grew up listening to his songs thanks to my mom who happens to be a huge fan of him too. I have been singing his songs from the time I was 3 years or so....that was when I gave my first stage performance too and I sang Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki from Dulaari. Since then his songs were a part of my life.

Rafi saab is the only one who can control the mood around you.The human mind submits to his voice whenever it hears him and he is the master from then. I have always been gathering little titbits of information about him and I was told that he always smiles whenever he sings. This would cheese off the music directors whenever he sings a sad song because the melancholy would not be there. But when he sings his trademark romantic songs, he was always unstoppable. This explains why he smiles in all his photos :-)...

I always envy the heroes for whom he had given his voice. Dilip Kumar and Shammi Kapoor were the most fortunate ones in this case. Almost all their songs were sung by him. Shammi Kapoor had his greatest hits with Rafi saab and his movies used to click at the box office mainly for their combination. Who can forget Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar or the naughty Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai? Shammi Kapoor had himself stated in an interview that Rafi saab was his alter ego. I shudder to think the music industry without this great man's voice.

Dilip Kumar also had his share of luck. Do Sitaaron Ka Zameen Par Hai Milan with Rafi Saab in the movie Kohinoor was a huge hit. Rarely this combination was disturbed.

Rafi saab had also given beautiful hits for Dev Anand like Abhi Naa Jaao CHodkar and Mera Mann Tera Pyaasa. I would consider even those people lucky who had his voice just for one song. If he was alive today, I would have begged him to be my voice just for a song whether the video releases or not.

He was miles ahead of his contemporaries like Mukesh and Kishore too. Listen tot he songs sung by them together or the different versions. In Amar Akbar Anthony, Rafi saab was the most melodious of the three. In songs where he had sung with Kishore, his voice had a soothing effect to the song compared to Kishore's rough voice...yup it was a superb combination nonetheless. He sang O Duniya Ke Rakhwaale flawlessly and ended up damaging his throat because of which he was out for a long time.

Rafi saab never had the luxury of modern technology something which singers today like Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal enjoyed(very competent singers but they always had another chance for a mistake) but he has sung his songs perfectly in the first take and has never cribbed about re recording the song for someone else's mistake too. A man with a heart of gold, he never hesitated in helping music directors who were struggling. He even sang songs free for them when he was in dire need of money. A man who never says no to anyone.....not even to the people who wronged him repeatedly, he was forced to beg for songs in the early 70's when Kishore Kumar was ruling. Still, he showed his class by winning an award for his comeback song Teri Galiyon Mein from Hawas and then his second innings at the top started.

Sadly, it didnt last long as Rafi saab left us early. Maybe God felt he was worth much more than his place among us mere mortals. Maybe the heavens needed him more. But one dream will always be unfulfilled. I always wanted to meet him, touch his feet and get his blessings but that was never possible given the fact that he died before I was born. I did dream that I met him in the heavens, sang a couple of his songs and got his blessings then and yes, till date this has been my most cherished with the advent of remixes, his voice is fading away slowly and I only wish the future generations do not lose out.

Even today when two lovers decide to leave after spending some romantic moments, the guy says Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar Ki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi :-)...or Abhi Humse Bachkar Kahan Jaaiyega....Jahan Jaaiyega Humein Paaiyega :-). Badan Pe Sitaare is still a rage in parties and Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar is a romantic's delight. And no matter how much modern technology has advanced or new talent comes, Rafi will still be one can even think of coming close!!!!!!

I always listen to his songs when I go for a long putting up my music listing(my long drive cd's) here, any suggestions are welcome

01. Love In Tokyo - O Mere Shaah-E-Khuba
02. Gharana - Husnwaale Tera Jawaab Nahi
03. Aaj Aur Kal - Yeh Waadiyaan Yeh Fizaayen Bula Rahi Hai Tujhe
04. Loafer - Aaj Mausam Bada Beimaan Hai
05. Taj Mahal - Jo Waada Kiya Woh
06. Chaudhvi Ka Chand - Chaudvi Ka Chand(My personal favourite)
07. Barsaat Ki Raat - Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhoolenge
08. Parasmani - Woh Jab Yaad Aaye
09. Mere Mehboob - Tumse Izhaar-E-Haal Kar Baithe
10. Junglee - Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar
11. Prince - Badan Pe Sitaare
12. Teesri Manzil - Deewana Mujhsa Nahi
13. Sharabi - Kabhi Na Kabhi
14. Neel Kamal - Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyar
15. Gambler - Mera Mann Tera Pyaasa
16. Jigri Dost - Dil Mein Kya Hai
17. Hum Dono - Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar
18. Jewel Thief - Dil Pukaare
19. Haste Zakhm - Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho
20. Karz - Dard-E-Dil
21. Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke - Yeh Khamoshiyaan
22, Mere Sanam - Humdum Mere
23. Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya - Jaan-E-Bahar Husn Tera
24. Naya Daur - Uden Jab Jab Zulfein Teri
25. Hum Kisise Kum Nahi - Kya Hua Tera Vaada
26. Yaadon Ki Baaraat - Chura Liya
27. Kashmir Ki Kali - Ishaaron Ishaaron
28. Chirag - Teri Aankhon Ke Siva(Just love the lyrics)
29. Aaye Milan Ki Bela - Tum Kamsin Ho
30. Kohinoor - Do Sitaaron Ka Zameen Par