Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween.....Felt Hallowed After That :-)

Looks like US has something special for all the 365 days in the year. I reached my workplace only to find my cubicle filled with sweets and candy (yum!!!!)...Upon enquiring, I was told that it was halloween and we are supposed to stock our refrigerators with chocolates and candy as kids come door to door today for treats. Tough for a chocolate buff like me but anything for lil kids :-). I left early for the day and got into my costume(ha ha ya you guessed it...I was the devil...Literally!!!!) roomie preferred something sober and we were busy with the party arrangements. It was supposed to be a guys only party and as we were making a list of things to do, we realised that we ran out of beer. My roomie offered to get some bottles from the near-by store and I decided to listen to music till then.

I stared listening to Saawariya(the title track) and since no one was at home, I thought of breaking into a small jig :-)...well...I have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing(something I would never do in public) so I always prefer to dance when no one is looking. I got into the groove in no time and when the song finished, I heard laughter sounds. I tiptoed to the door only to find a bunch of kids who were excited in seeing a DEVIL DANCE!!!!!!(At least I had my costume on unlike Aftab in Mastee lol) Imagine me in a devils costume jumping here and there happily thinking no one was around and that FOOLISH roomie didnt bother to close the door when he left!!!! The kids had come for their candy which was customary on halloween and I was in no mood to get embarrassed in front of them. I replayed the song and said if they want candies, they should join in the devil dance :-)....Just imagine this sight....a devil in the center of strangely dressed but really cute kids jumping away to glory :-) It was real fun. I had the time of my life with them and even played games like whos gonna catch the devils tail :-)....Innocence personified...(No I am not talking about the kids...I am talking about ME!!!! The good ol devil ;p)...couldnt click much pics and the ones taken are only for a few eyes so dont expect me to forward them :-)....

I got to know a lot of people because of this and my devil dance has become legendary now...not a nice way to be famous but ya it was real fun!!!! One of the sweetest days for me in the US and I hope this is just the start of my enjoyment here.