Monday, November 24, 2008

Dec 15th....Am Ready For Ya

Back to my often neglected a matter of fact, I've been neglecting everything I used to piano is full of dust, I am NOT watching the India - England series(the first time I am missing a cricket series), dropped out of the Dallas cricket league (not to mention that I scored a first ball duck in my only match ;p but what the hell....took 5 wickets with my so called right arm medium fast bowling last my shoulder is responding to the treatment) my blog is not updated and I've not COOKED for 2 weeks!!!!!! Its almost impossible for a foodie like me not to try out new stuff in the kitchen and force them into my roomies :p.....anyways....I am taking the GMAT on dec 15th and after a week......AM HEADING TO INDIA AND FOR  A MONTH LONG VACATION WOHOOOOO.....cant wait to go home and gorge on my mom's aalu parathas :) and ya....BESSIE BEACH!!!!!Missed it like crazy!!!!!!! ...........have a long list to complete once the GMAT is has taken a huge chunk of my life away :(.....The first thing I am gonna do is take my piano out and play my favourite tunes. Next, my house is in a MESS and I am a typical virgo(ya a cleanliness freak...THE MOST UNCLEAN CLEANLINESS FREAK!!! ;)...Next, track the circus which is going on at home (the girl search).....more than me or my parents, my relatives are buzzing with excitement...CANT THEY LEAVE ME ALONE?????I AM HAPPY STAYING SINGLE!!!!!! And the list goes on and on and on. ..............anyways gotta go back to my books....:D


everything burns... said...

best of luck for ur GMAT... and yea get prepared for "when r u getting married??" and "next is ur turn" when u come to

Vivek said...

heheh thanx....."my turn"?Jab ladki :D...Hopefully not this time when I land...:p