Monday, December 29, 2008

Crazy Crazy!!!!

Back....end of my exams and finished them off with decent scores :-)...Enjoying my unplanned vacation and ya...working out religiously to get back in shape...that will take me 3-4 months more I guess, broke my middle finger and had to keep it in a cast for 3 weeks grrrrrrrr. Might fly to India in the second week of Jan...before that, I am flying to NYC in the next 2 hours :-) gonna watch the ball drop at Times Square....caught up with all the movies and cricket matches I missed, prepared new dishes and burnt 600 calories almost everyday....results are beginning to show :-) Looks like I'll tone up before my wedding (hope it happens in or after 2010...not 09)...saw Ghajini and loved Aamir's performance as usual...though I thought Surya was better as Sanjay. Asin was lovely ;) and Shreya Ghoshal was wonderful in lattoo over her voice, the song and Jiah :D...loved the cement scene and the scene where Asin tells Aamir that she sold the car for his mothers damn touching!!!I hope someone loves me like that in todays world, people are so obsessed with money that they ignore all the wonderful moments with their family...I hope I am not one of them!!! I dont have much experience but I am a hardcore romantic at heart and a sucker for such things...may not sound manly but hey...we are also human beings!!Men love to be romantic and if the lady responds in a similar way, men feel they have reached heaven!!!Cant say this to any of my friends as they will pull my the only guy who is single in my group...all my friends are married (disadvantages of being the youngest!!!!And underage by 2 years!!!) Anyways am looking to meet my family after 8 months :-) Mom's aalu paratha and lassi...MAN!!!!!Missed it a lot...the roadside pani puris, an occassional drink with dad, teasing my lil that was a perfect I am here in the US all alone missing all the wonderful moments I shared with my gonna relive them soon :) ...Anyways gotta start my packing...will update this space soon......hafta rewind 2008 :p

Thursday, December 04, 2008

2008 Unfulfilled....

Another year is about to end and looking back, there are some things I always wanted to do but I couldnt...maybe these can be counted as my resolutions for 2009 :p

01. Sing a song with Shreya Ghoshal (alrite....I can hear you guys sneering :D....I dont care if its a recording room or the streets, just a line would be enough :D...)

02. Get rid of all the excess flab I acquired (Well....almost there but not enough!!!Its a long journey from a 103 kg to a 77 kg guy but still not in shape!!!...I am the one to blame here as I was not a regular in the gym)

03. Get my H1 (:( what to problemo...I still have another year :) )

04. One last drink with dad (Oh k! Mom is gonna kill me if she reads this!! Dad has quit drinking and I want to enjoy a drink ONE last time with him...had plans this may but had to leave suddenly)

05. Meet some good friends I havent met AT ALL...(strange but true...I rarely make friends online but there happens to a good friend of mine in Mumbai (Dude..I know you'll read this one thanks to a google alert ;) and I expect you to comment too ) whom I always wanted to meet and the plan never went thro :( )

06. Make cofta (have to learn this from mom....she makes the best cofta.....)

07. Resume my kick boxing classes (been a whooping two years since I got back to martial leg has still not healed from the horrific crash I suffered on my 24th bday..:( )

08. Do something for my country and people (Right now its limited to donations during mine or my family member's bdays and occassions....I want to do something like sponsor a kids entire education etc....soon....very soon!!!!!)

09. Rein my temper.....(He He He.....Its impossible.....:D)

10. Complete the design of my dream house (A little known hobby....I love to design homes and this one is in process for 10 years now...still not complete :D)

11. Send my parents on a world tour....My lil sis and I can stay behind ;)....Plans are in place!!!!

12. Get a car in the US.....(A perfectionist...I have rejected so many cars just because one of the specifications was not in obsessed with detail..a typical virgoan trait!!)

Well...Thats like one per month...:) The list has not ended but hopefully it will shrink :).....