Friday, December 07, 2007

My MIS-adventures with the miss'S :-)

Watch this gonna fill it soon and ya for all out there, this title is registered :P

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween.....Felt Hallowed After That :-)

Looks like US has something special for all the 365 days in the year. I reached my workplace only to find my cubicle filled with sweets and candy (yum!!!!)...Upon enquiring, I was told that it was halloween and we are supposed to stock our refrigerators with chocolates and candy as kids come door to door today for treats. Tough for a chocolate buff like me but anything for lil kids :-). I left early for the day and got into my costume(ha ha ya you guessed it...I was the devil...Literally!!!!) roomie preferred something sober and we were busy with the party arrangements. It was supposed to be a guys only party and as we were making a list of things to do, we realised that we ran out of beer. My roomie offered to get some bottles from the near-by store and I decided to listen to music till then.

I stared listening to Saawariya(the title track) and since no one was at home, I thought of breaking into a small jig :-)...well...I have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing(something I would never do in public) so I always prefer to dance when no one is looking. I got into the groove in no time and when the song finished, I heard laughter sounds. I tiptoed to the door only to find a bunch of kids who were excited in seeing a DEVIL DANCE!!!!!!(At least I had my costume on unlike Aftab in Mastee lol) Imagine me in a devils costume jumping here and there happily thinking no one was around and that FOOLISH roomie didnt bother to close the door when he left!!!! The kids had come for their candy which was customary on halloween and I was in no mood to get embarrassed in front of them. I replayed the song and said if they want candies, they should join in the devil dance :-)....Just imagine this sight....a devil in the center of strangely dressed but really cute kids jumping away to glory :-) It was real fun. I had the time of my life with them and even played games like whos gonna catch the devils tail :-)....Innocence personified...(No I am not talking about the kids...I am talking about ME!!!! The good ol devil ;p)...couldnt click much pics and the ones taken are only for a few eyes so dont expect me to forward them :-)....

I got to know a lot of people because of this and my devil dance has become legendary now...not a nice way to be famous but ya it was real fun!!!! One of the sweetest days for me in the US and I hope this is just the start of my enjoyment here.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Satrangi Re.......A Sight To Behold!!!!

I saw my first rain in the United States yesterday. Someone had told me long back, in the US, nothing is permanent. The weather patterns also agree with this. In a few seconds, the sky was enveloped by the dark clouds and before we could realise what was happening, the rain started pouring. I was driving back from work and since it was raining heavily making life difficult for a novice like me, I decided to pull over and listen to my compilation. Yes..this time it was a collection of songs by Shreya. A couple of weeks back, I had mailed her criticising her choice of songs of late and she was really sweet enough to reply hoping she wouldnt disappoint me in future...instead of telling me to mind my own business :-) I never even imagined that a phenom who took the music industry by storm would reply like this. No wonder I like her:-). And according to her mail, I had heard the songs she had mentioned and realised that I had reacted a bit too soon.....Anyways, my compilation had 14 of her songs which according to me, is her best till date.

The first song which played on my music system was Thode badmaash from the movie Saawariya. I had already fallen for Sonam Kapoor's eyes and that with Shreya's voice is a killer combination. I had fallen in love with this song right from day 1 and hearing it with the rain pouring outside was wonderful. Her soft voice, the beautiful lyrics and soothing music (not bad for a debutant music director) were having the desired effect.

The song describes what a woman thinks of her beloved. The only thing missing was a mug of piping hot coffee to go along with the mood. I would say this is a must hear for all music and Shreya lovers out there. In this song, her voice had everything..let it be emotions, love or the pain and yearning....I was totally mesmerised...I was lucky enough to miss the Tsunami by just 5 minutes back in 2004 but this time, the Shreya Tsunami got me totally :-) And I wanted to get swept away on this occassion.(On a personal note, I couldnt help feeling jealous for the man in her life..(errr...if there is one)...who is her BADMAASH!!!!! ;p)

The next one was my evergreen favourite..yup its the song from Ankahee :-) and possibly her best one till date... the rains were gettting worse but I was enjoying every single moment then. As soon as the song went on air, I was transported to my dreamland. I always get a recurring dream when I hear this number. I feel I am walking among the clouds searching for the voice I was hearing. At the end of my walk, I see a rainbow which says my search ends here. I snapped out of my reverie as the song ended and I noticed that much to my annoyance and relief(Annoyance because now I had to drive not concentrating on the music and relief as I can reach home now), the skies were clearing and before I realized this, the dark clouds vanished.

I started the ignition of my car when something caught my eye. It was one of the most beautiful visuals I had seen in my entire life. Right in front of me, were 3 rainbows; two of them were concentric and the third one was intersecting them with small white clouds floating between them. I was stunned by what I saw. I never knew that my dream would meet reality in such an emphatic fashion. The rainbows enchanted me with their radiant display of colours and believe me guys, I felt blessed. And that made me fall even more in love with this song :p and I have decided to bug her even more to sing this in her concerts from now on.

I drove home hoping I get to see this wonderful sight again. Maybe this is Gods way of telling me to convey this to much he loves her voice too :-0)...(So when it rains again, I'll listen to her songs :) )I must say God has been really kind for giving her to us and can only pray that she always remains in the pink of her health and all her dreams are desires are fulfilled. Thank You God and ya Shreya........A BIIIIIIG THANKS TO YOU TOO :-) Love your voice even more now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Remembering Rafi Saab - The Romantic Genius!!!!

I have written so many blogs in the past, composed shayiris and even tried my hand at poetry but never did I think of paying a tribute to the man I idolize. Its not because of laziness or nonchalance. Even while I am writing this, I feel I dont deserve even to talk about his greatness. His contribution to music is second to none and yes...I am talking about none other than Rafi saab.

Rafi saab has been the main reason for my obsession for music. I grew up listening to his songs thanks to my mom who happens to be a huge fan of him too. I have been singing his songs from the time I was 3 years or so....that was when I gave my first stage performance too and I sang Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki from Dulaari. Since then his songs were a part of my life.

Rafi saab is the only one who can control the mood around you.The human mind submits to his voice whenever it hears him and he is the master from then. I have always been gathering little titbits of information about him and I was told that he always smiles whenever he sings. This would cheese off the music directors whenever he sings a sad song because the melancholy would not be there. But when he sings his trademark romantic songs, he was always unstoppable. This explains why he smiles in all his photos :-)...

I always envy the heroes for whom he had given his voice. Dilip Kumar and Shammi Kapoor were the most fortunate ones in this case. Almost all their songs were sung by him. Shammi Kapoor had his greatest hits with Rafi saab and his movies used to click at the box office mainly for their combination. Who can forget Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar or the naughty Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai? Shammi Kapoor had himself stated in an interview that Rafi saab was his alter ego. I shudder to think the music industry without this great man's voice.

Dilip Kumar also had his share of luck. Do Sitaaron Ka Zameen Par Hai Milan with Rafi Saab in the movie Kohinoor was a huge hit. Rarely this combination was disturbed.

Rafi saab had also given beautiful hits for Dev Anand like Abhi Naa Jaao CHodkar and Mera Mann Tera Pyaasa. I would consider even those people lucky who had his voice just for one song. If he was alive today, I would have begged him to be my voice just for a song whether the video releases or not.

He was miles ahead of his contemporaries like Mukesh and Kishore too. Listen tot he songs sung by them together or the different versions. In Amar Akbar Anthony, Rafi saab was the most melodious of the three. In songs where he had sung with Kishore, his voice had a soothing effect to the song compared to Kishore's rough voice...yup it was a superb combination nonetheless. He sang O Duniya Ke Rakhwaale flawlessly and ended up damaging his throat because of which he was out for a long time.

Rafi saab never had the luxury of modern technology something which singers today like Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal enjoyed(very competent singers but they always had another chance for a mistake) but he has sung his songs perfectly in the first take and has never cribbed about re recording the song for someone else's mistake too. A man with a heart of gold, he never hesitated in helping music directors who were struggling. He even sang songs free for them when he was in dire need of money. A man who never says no to anyone.....not even to the people who wronged him repeatedly, he was forced to beg for songs in the early 70's when Kishore Kumar was ruling. Still, he showed his class by winning an award for his comeback song Teri Galiyon Mein from Hawas and then his second innings at the top started.

Sadly, it didnt last long as Rafi saab left us early. Maybe God felt he was worth much more than his place among us mere mortals. Maybe the heavens needed him more. But one dream will always be unfulfilled. I always wanted to meet him, touch his feet and get his blessings but that was never possible given the fact that he died before I was born. I did dream that I met him in the heavens, sang a couple of his songs and got his blessings then and yes, till date this has been my most cherished with the advent of remixes, his voice is fading away slowly and I only wish the future generations do not lose out.

Even today when two lovers decide to leave after spending some romantic moments, the guy says Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar Ki Dil Abhi Bhara Nahi :-)...or Abhi Humse Bachkar Kahan Jaaiyega....Jahan Jaaiyega Humein Paaiyega :-). Badan Pe Sitaare is still a rage in parties and Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar is a romantic's delight. And no matter how much modern technology has advanced or new talent comes, Rafi will still be one can even think of coming close!!!!!!

I always listen to his songs when I go for a long putting up my music listing(my long drive cd's) here, any suggestions are welcome

01. Love In Tokyo - O Mere Shaah-E-Khuba
02. Gharana - Husnwaale Tera Jawaab Nahi
03. Aaj Aur Kal - Yeh Waadiyaan Yeh Fizaayen Bula Rahi Hai Tujhe
04. Loafer - Aaj Mausam Bada Beimaan Hai
05. Taj Mahal - Jo Waada Kiya Woh
06. Chaudhvi Ka Chand - Chaudvi Ka Chand(My personal favourite)
07. Barsaat Ki Raat - Zindagi Bhar Nahi Bhoolenge
08. Parasmani - Woh Jab Yaad Aaye
09. Mere Mehboob - Tumse Izhaar-E-Haal Kar Baithe
10. Junglee - Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar
11. Prince - Badan Pe Sitaare
12. Teesri Manzil - Deewana Mujhsa Nahi
13. Sharabi - Kabhi Na Kabhi
14. Neel Kamal - Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyar
15. Gambler - Mera Mann Tera Pyaasa
16. Jigri Dost - Dil Mein Kya Hai
17. Hum Dono - Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar
18. Jewel Thief - Dil Pukaare
19. Haste Zakhm - Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho
20. Karz - Dard-E-Dil
21. Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke - Yeh Khamoshiyaan
22, Mere Sanam - Humdum Mere
23. Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya - Jaan-E-Bahar Husn Tera
24. Naya Daur - Uden Jab Jab Zulfein Teri
25. Hum Kisise Kum Nahi - Kya Hua Tera Vaada
26. Yaadon Ki Baaraat - Chura Liya
27. Kashmir Ki Kali - Ishaaron Ishaaron
28. Chirag - Teri Aankhon Ke Siva(Just love the lyrics)
29. Aaye Milan Ki Bela - Tum Kamsin Ho
30. Kohinoor - Do Sitaaron Ka Zameen Par

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Be Right Back!!!!

Okies.....I know I am neglecting this space for quite a while...what to do things are so tight and as usual, my life is too dramatic :-) right now am experiencing life in the US...and ya miss India and miss India thinking of something to post and will be back with lots of them.Thanks to everyone for all the comments I've received in my mail. I am thankful that you all spend time to read my blog and some of the mails I received regarding the last article were really touching. Yes it is a true incident, not one of my fictitious exaggerations.

Once I start posting, I'll delete this post as usual. And ya comments are always welcome. I still get mails for Koi Kare Kisi Aur Se Pyar and am happy I am the reason for you to smile.....will come back with more humor. I know thats lacking now for quite sometime. The theme of my next story is a love marriage in which knowingly or unknowingly, I was the reason for the girl and boy to trying to induce a humor element in it and am hard pressed for time...I hope it would be worth the please be patient, I'll be back very soon...its a promise.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Auto Driver

This is one day I will never forget. I was to handle a training session for the new joinees in my company but the problem was the training academy was in a place far away from the city. Given the bad state of the roads there, I was pretty reluctant to drive. The travel arrangements had also changed and I was totally unaware of it. So quite expectedly, I missed the bus in the morning and to make matters worse, it was raining cats and dogs. I hurriedly stopped an auto and asked him whether he was willing to drop me there. He asked me how much would pay him and I said "Usually I give 180...what do you say". He requested me to give him an extra 50 Rs as he was in need of money. Well....he was polite unlike the other auto drivers I've seen and I agreed thinking that he might have a valid reason. We had barely crossed 100 meters when he got a call on his mobile. I didnt know what transpired in the conversation bu I could see that the auto driver broke down. Putting bits and pieces together, I could somehow make out what had happened but I wanted to be sure.

When we resumed our journey, I asked him what happened, He didnt say anything but I was asking him persistently. He said that his was a love marriage and his wife was admitted in the hospital as she was expecting their first child today. Because of lack of money, the doctor was not admitting her and he was terribly worried. On top of it, he was an orphan too and his world revolved around her. He was telling me that his friend gave him his mobile asking him to sell it and keep the money as that was all he could do. He was pretty upset that his owner refused to give him a small loan with which he could have taken care of the medical expenses. He showed me his silver lamp which he used to light in front of the Gods saying that he didnt even dream that he had to sell it.
At this point, I didnt know what happened to me. I asked him how much he wanted. He said 6000 but he can manage with 4000. I told him that I will contribute. He was flabbergasted. He asked me I have not even seen you before today, why do you want to help me? I said this is not the time to ask questions. If you need the money, just shut up and take it. We can discuss the reasons later. His emotions took over him as he fell at my feet literally. I told him to stop saying that do that in a temple and do not fall at the feet of a mere mortal like me. I am not God and I dont encourage all this. I asked him to stop in front of an ATM and withdrew Rs 3200 as that was all I had. I came out and gave it to him.
I still maintain that I never knew this man till that day and it didnt even occur to me that he might be lying. All I knew was his world revolved around his family and he was really lucky marrying the girl he loved. Expecting their first kid was a momentous occassion which I wanted him to experience. I got into the auto and he had barely started till this thought struck me. I asked him where the hospital was. He said it was in Royapuram(in the opposite direction of my destination). I tol him that he needs to deposit the money will he reach there on time? he said he'll manage somehow. I told him to stop the auto and got down. I was all prepared to catch another auto and go to Siruseri. The only thing that was running in my mind was he should reach the hospital soon. He left me with great hesitation but not before taking down my number. I didnt have a single detail about him and yet I carried on with a strange satisfaction.
I reached my intended destination and started the training but I was unable to concentrate. I was thinking about the auto driver hoping that all's well with him. I called up my mom and told her the entire incident. I even told her that I didnt know whether he was lying or telling the truth but I am happy that I was able to do something. My mom agreed with me saying that in some situations, we have to listen to our heart...we have no choice. I just finished talking to her and cut the call when I saw someone trying to reach me from a landline number, I picked up the call and was pleasantly surprised. It was the auto driver. He was indeed speaking the truth. Earlier, I was cutting that call thinking it was some stupid credit card or loan agent.....I didnt say anything...he said "I am blessed with a daughter.." I asked how are the mother and child? He said "Both are fine. Can you tell me your mother's name?" I asked him why. He said he wanted to name his daughter that as he believes this happened because of me. I was really overwhelmed. I told him my mothers name and promised him that I'll come to see the child one day.....And yes...I did break down when he said that...couldnt help it.....but this incident forced me to think. We donate to temples and other institutions but we dont help the people who really need it. If his owner had loaned him the money he needed, he wouldnt have been driving the auto the enire night and the morning. If I had not given him the money, who knows what would have happened. I am not saying we shouldnt donate to these places. All I am requesting people is to show some empathy to these people. Maybe I was foolish as I did not bother to verify the facts but others can extend a helping never know what difference it makes to a life.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The 7 Tag

Here I go blowing my own trumpet....thanks to Nas who tagged me here...7 is too less should be 11 at least :(( anyways here I go now.......

Seven things I plan to do before I die
... Sing a duet with Shreya Ghoshal ( He He...I know this is too much but I do hope this would happen sometime...and will not mind it if it is more than one..... ha ha ha)
... Drive all the way to Mumbai from Chennai all alone :-)
... Bat at least one ball in LORDS........THE BEST CRICKET STADIUM IN THE WORLD!!!!
... Tour New Zealand(One of my favourite spots)
... Finish my book( Ya ya its started and its goin on :-) )
... Sing a tamil song perfectly (he he being a tam myself, I am not able to do this)
... Buy a Merc E Class (Yup I will and sooooooon)

Seven things I can do
... Be meticulously clean
... Be a patient listener
... Can sing at a high pitch for a very looooong time
... Finish a 300 page fiction novel in one go... I am simply too eager to know the end, ok... and yeah, I read pretty fast.
... Write shayiri(dont ask me how)
... Baby sit (can manage lots of kids at a time - I love them :-) )
... Play a double role on stage(yeah....I've done it successfully)

Seven things I can't do
... Sing classical music
... Dance(Though I have danced on stage once, I am baaaaaaad....seeing Main Hoon Naa reminds me of my they made me dance :) )
... Cook South Indian food
... Draw
... Watch football( I hate the game)
... Bat right handed in cricket(Always been a leftie...only in cricket)
... Study continuously(even for exams)

Seven things I say the most
... Wowoo...
... Yup
... Amazing !!!
... Perfect
... No Probs
... Hey
... I know

Seven things I say the most on my blog
... Should be the same as above

Seven things that attract me to the opposite
... Speaks impeccable English
... Great sense of humor
... Being Witty, Intelligent, Ability to carry on interesting conversation
... Being just the right height
... Is independent
... Sings really well
... And loves kids a loooooooot

Seven celebrity crushes
... Vidya Balan in Lage Raho Munna Bhai
... Kajol in Fanaa
... Rani Mukherjee in Hum Tum
... Kate Winslet in...what else...TITANIC!!!!
... Tabu in Kaadhal Desam (Duniya Dilwalon Ki - was dubbed in hindi)
... Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally
... Julia Roberts in Notting Hill

Seven Favourite Hobbies
... Singing
... Cricket
... Long Drive All Alone
... Reading
... Shayiri
... Interior Decoration
... Movies(Bollywood)

Seven Songs I Would Die To Sing...(One Per Singer)
... Agar Tum Mil Jaao from Zeher - Shreya Ghoshal
... Tumhi Dekho Na from KANK - Sonu Nigam
... Mun Paniya Mudhal Mazhaiya from Nanda - SP Balsubramaniyam
... Khilte Hain Gul Yahan from Sharmilee - Kishore Da
... Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujhpar from Junglee - The Great Mohd. Rafi
... Kabhi Kabhi from Kabhi Kabhi - Mukesh
... Tu Mile from Criminal - Kumar Sanu

Seven people I want to tag've read this stop wasting time and carry this tag forward with your 7 things :)).

Happiness always!

Monday, March 05, 2007


It was a horrible day for me. I was pretty irritated with what happened in college today and wanted to get the hell out of that place. Can’t people mind their own business? Why the hell should they poke their nose in my business? I never interfere in what they do, then why do they? I ended up slamming the door of my hostel room in anger and people in my floor were thinking what was wrong with the usually cheerful guy they knew.

I know I can be really bad when I lose my temper and to avoid any unpleasant incidents, I prefer being alone till I cool off( a view endorsed by people who have faced my wrath). Only few people have the courage to talk to me when I am in a foul mood and one of them (my junior Devjit Pal) just walked into my room then. The conversation went like this:

Me: Devu, can you leave me alone?

Devjit: Hey man...could see you're ready to blow up! Chill!

Me: What do you want?

Devjit: Well...I think I have something to cheer you up.

Me: It better be good!!!What do you have?

Devjit: Your favorite singer has sung a song in Zeher and it goes like Agar Tum Mil Jaao..something of that sort.

Me: Hmm...wait pls dont sing it..I will start hating it before listening to it. How is it? I hope you mean Shreya Ghoshal (it was no secret how much I admired her voice)

Devjit: Ya Ya the Jism singer...I didn’t like the song at all...but it is your type of music. I am sure you will love it.

Me: Alright! If you don’t like the song, I sure that I will love it...leave the cd here...I will hear it. Tomi don’t know what real music is!!!!Anyways thanks.

He knew that the only thing which could make me feel better was music and he also knew what sort of songs I listen to. I could trust his judgement. But today, I was in no mood to listen to a new song. I always prefer my tried and tested combination (a cd of songs by the greats Rafi and Kishore) whenever I am in a foul mood. I thought a long drive would be THE THING for me at the moment and I left the hostel in my car.

Being a post graduate student, I never had any restrictions on timings and I knew that I could come whenever I please. I drove a long way to the beach all alone (usually I like long drives alone with my music). I stopped the car near the waters and searched for my tried and tested combination.

To my dismay, I had forgotten to bring it with me and I had brought the zeher cd by mistake. Cursing my luck, I thought now that I have no choice, why not listen to the song my junior said.

The song Agar Tum Mil Jaao was the first song on the cd and it was sung by Shreya of my favourite singers. It was a dream for me to meet her once atleast...But today was a totally different situation. The song started on a slow note and once her voice was on air, I was totally transported to a different world. Everything about the song was perfect…the music, the background, the lyrics (I really adore them) and of course, the female voice. She was emoting every word(something which is a rare quality in female singers – I thought after Geeta Dutt and Asha Bhonsale, no one could do it - listen to the line teri surat na ho jismein woh sheesha tod denge hum – the way she stresses on the Tod Denge Hum part…I could literally imagine her doing it)

Imagine the all alone at 1 in the night near the waves and this song is playing in my car....I wished that the waves immediately rise and take me away...I was in a state of bliss. This song had not only made my day, it became a part of my life. It’s been my airtel caller tune since the time I heard it. I have changed my number a couple of times but not the caller tune. I had decided that if at all I get to meet Shreya Ghoshal, I would sing this song for her (I too have a decent voice folks :-) everyone say so) as a token of my appreciation.....

A Page from my diary……………………

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Rendezvouz With Shreya Ghoshal

There are singers who are born for music but in this singers case, music was born for her. This was how this young singer was introduced by the announcer to us and fittingly so, she deserved a standing ovation which she got. Yes! I am talking about the supremely talented Shreya Ghoshal. She had flown down to Chennai for a musical night on the 17th of February 2007 and gave the crowd much more than they expected. Before the concert, Shreya had the image of a romantic singer who could not set a stage on fire(pre concieved notions of people who know nothing about music) but at the end of the day, she had the crowd dancing at her feet literally.

If Barso Re drenched the crowd with melody, Dola Re swept them off their feet. Salaam-E-Ishq was her tribute to the crowd and Parde Mein Rehne Do had them wanting for more. She left silencing most of her critics who had always harped that she can never sing item or pacy numbers. She handled them with elan, and romantic numbers which were her forte had all of us mesmerized. Waada Raha promised that this was just a trailer and there is more to come. She kept up the promise by delivering the knockout punches with Munbe Vaa and Agar Tum Mil Jaao( my all time favourite) which she had sung like a woman possessed calling out her lover. The dholak which was played at the end of the song to make it a fast number was excellently executed and Shreya had us swirling around her in no time. Chalo Tumko Lekar Chalen took us to the skies and Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai was intoxicating enough. That doesnt mean that the rest of the songs were not good enough...I am not good enough to talk about them :). Pal Pal Pal and Piyu Bole were really cute we enjoyed listening to them. She took us to a fantasy world with Leja Leja where everything was perfect. Overall, it was really a night to remember.

There arent enough words to praise Shreya's voice in any language. So I will safely stay away from describing her voice for the time being. We all know that she is a wonderful singer and has already scaled great heights at such a young age. But on that day, I noticed a side of her which I never knew. She is not only an excellent singer, but also a very nice person. I had the good fortune of meeting her after the show and we spoke for maybe about five minutes. The way she handled the people who were fawning on her(well.....I was guilty on this count too) was simply amazing. I started the conversation by saying that she was mindblowing but I expected her to sing Yeh Kya Hua and Ek Pal Ke Liye. She said those were her favourites too and promised that she will sing them next time. We spoke for some more time and I requested her to take a pic with me. I didnt expect that she would readily agree for that. We did take a pic together but much to my dismay, it didnt turn out well. I was feeling sad and went to her saying this didnt come out well. To my astonishment, she was really sweet enough to pose for another one. I was literally bowled over by this gesture. Not many people do that, especially if they reach where she is today.

That night, she made me feel really nice. Like all good things had to come to an end we shook hands and parted ways. This was a side of her I never knew.I left the place completly overwhelmed by her smiling demeanor as this was something I didnt expect at all. It will be really great to see her again whenever she performs here.

I also noticed a childish streak in her when she took stage for her first solo concert in Chennai. Her love for kids was clearly evident when she called out to them to dance with her for Barso Re Megha and all the kids had a gala time. Well, I am someone who has spent half of my life with them and it was really a treat for my eyes watching all the kids dancing on stage. Even the way she reacted when the audience wanted more before singing Parde Mein Rehne Do does make me smile everytime when I see it or even think about it. This particular quality is very rare these days and I was really happy to see this in her. I can only wish that she doesnt change at all and continues to be like this. For people like her, sky is not the limit. It is just the beginning. I pray to God that she achieves greater heights in her career and also has a happy life ahead.

Before closing the topic, I have made a list of 15 of her songs(one from each movie) which are really good, but were not given much publicity. If you people find time, please do listen to them.And Shreya, if you are reading this(I should consider myself extremly lucky if you are), please please please sing them too :-). There are lots more to mention but I guess this is good for a start.You people listen to them and I will add more to the list. Ya, Tere Bin from Bhagam Bhaag(a light hearted song) and Bhor Bhaye from Bandish Projekt( now if anyone has not heard this one...go and hear it NOW!!!! Dont waste time reading this!!!)

01. Tango Charlie - Dheere Dheere(A romantic duet with Sonu Nigam - a must hear)
02. Ankahee - Ek Pal Ke Liye (Easily my favourite and a beautiful solo)
03. Nazar - Mohobbat Zindagi Hai(Minimum music but her voice will reverberate in your ears for a long time)
04. U Bomsi And I - Tu Kahan Kho Gaya( A sad song in which she gives her best)
05. Wajah - Sapna Koi( Another sad song which she carries on her shoulders)
06. Dhoop - Yeh Dhoop Ek Safar(A Cute song which will give you hope in life)
07. Aryan - Jaaneman(A romantic song which will make you feel good)
08. Saaya - Aye Meri Zindagi(This song will haunt you)
09. Sitam - Pyar Tumko Hi Kiya Hai(This song makes me slightly nostalgic- sounds like an old kishore lata duet but well done)
10. Kasak - Saansein Madhdham Hai(Her voice modulations are terrific and her voice was really alluring)
11. Main Meri Patni Aur Woh - Doob Jaana Re(Sab gaane mein doob jaayenge :) DONT MISS THIS)
12. Woh Lamhe - So Jaaun Main(Touching)
13. Krishna Cottage - Suna Suna(This song is unforgettable)
14. Fun - Jal Raha Hai Badan(She has put life in this song..only a few singers can do it)
15. Khakee - Yunhi Hum Tumse Pyar(Simple - no comments - this song is way above that)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Most Cherished V-Day comes the much hyped valentines day again. One thing I continuously fail to understand is what is the need to celebrate a day for love? What about the remaining 364 days?? Now having read this, you must be wondering why did I name this "My Best Valentine Day"??? Read on and you will know.

Unlike my other stories, this did not happen long long ago...just last year. The day started with me bunking office and going to watch the movie Rang De Basanti with a lovely lady (now dont get any were not available for the rest of the days and the fact that feb 14th was v-day had totally slipped out of my mind). This was the first time I was going to watch a movie in a theater alone with a girl and that feeling was pleasantly strange.....I went with her to watch the movie and thankfully, the movie was excellent...we had a good time watching it and I escorted her back home like a perfect gentleman(well...this is the only place I can call myself one :D).

I returned home only to realise that I had forgotten to have my lunch and was feeling really hungry. My bad luck...that day my roomies had finished all the snacks that were left at home. I had to satisfy myself with the top ramen curry packets which I successfully dug out of nowhere.

Before switching on the gas, I noticed that the window of the apartment directly opposite to my kitchen's window was wide open. all guys, I wished a beautiful girl would look out and smile at me..but having said this, I would like to point out that I am different from the rest. I dont believe in just dreaming...I wanted to live my dream.

I started singing the song "Mere Saamnewaali Khidki Mein Ek Chand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai" from the movie "Padosan" and believe me guys...I always hate my voice...but on this occassion, even Kishore Kumar would have conceded that I was better than him that day(ok ok...I know this is too much but I have to live my dream na ;) )....I was so engrossed in the song that I started emoting it literally (danced around with the noodles packet in my hand imagining it to be a girl) no bothering about my harried neighbours or my stomach's grumbling).............

Once I was done, I heard someone clapping. I peeped out of the kitchen window only to find an old lady in my saamnewaali khidki applauding my performance. The sweet lady gestured that I sing really well and I acknowledged by blowing out some kisses for her. She laughed and invited me ove for a coffee......I got back into the gentleman mode (Ya I am like a switch...sometimes naughty and sometimes too good to be true....the naughty side dominating me), hurriedly made myself presentable and got a box of chocolates for my DATE before leaving.

I reached her place in five minutes and I could find out her flat from the smell of fresh coffee reaching my nose. She ushered me in, accepted the chocolates and ya .....gave me the the best I've had till now. I asked her about her family and she said she was here for a vacation and will return to the US where her son is posted now.

I could make out from her voice that she is very lonely and wanted some company for the day. Well... the nice side of me surfaced and I decided to make the day memorable for her. I did entertain her for a long time and even cooked dinner(smart lady na ;) ) for her...

Like all good things come to an end, this day had to end. When I was leaving, my DATE said "Thanks a lot! In this one day, you gave this old lady so much happiness".....I felt very nice and wishing her well, I left.

Even today, when I look out of my kitchen window into my saamnewaali khidki, I still relive that day...I dont know where she is today(must have gone back to the US) ...............but she's a chand ka tukda at heart...dil se!!!!

Guys, do spend some time with elderly people who are will get so many blessings that your life will be really smooth and satisfying...believe me!!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Adoption...Why Not??

It was september 3rd 2006. I wanted to do something different on my star birthday this year and thought why not spend it with the little kids at the orphanage? Little did I know that this would remain etched in my memory for good. Four days back I had met with a severe accident badly damaging my ribs in the process. Naturally I was not in the state of mind to go to the orphanage which was somewhere in Thiruvanmiyur but thinking about the kids made me change my mind. So despite the doctors orders of being strictly in bed, I got my ribs heavily strapped for extra protection and somehow made it to the place.

I reached there grumbling about the weather and that I had committed to them earlier but the moment I reached there, things changed a lot. One look at the small kids filled my heart with so much pity and sympathy that I forgot what I was undergoing at that point. We had our early morning prayers and I served breakfast to them. In the meantime, I started a convversation with the governess there asking how do they find these kids. The stories I heard were really pitiable....some parents throw their own kids in the dustbin leaving them to survive on their own and some abandon them because of poverty or social issues. Some were just shunted away just because they were do people have the heart to do this??

I always believe that we can see God in children. When a new born is placed in a parents hands, the parent feels that he has got what he wanted and that the entire world is at his feet. Believe me its an amazing feeling. Watching a kid grow up, spend time with him, not every movements, the first words and smile can the parent just abandon a part of him just like that??These poor kids do not get what they actually deserve. Though people in the orphanage are really caring, it is mandatory to get parental love.

I left the place a changed man and this had me thinking for a long time. What is the fault of these hapless children?Their parents abandon them, carry on with their lives and it is these kids who as ostracized as ophans...poor things. They are treated as if they are a burden on earth. I lost my heart to them and was never the same. I then decided why not try to make a difference and adopt a child?Anyways you need to have kids...then why not adopt them?They are so lovable and caring and would do anything for you. Yes, I need to consult my better half when I take this decision because for a man, this is very easy but for a woman, lots of things are to be considered. There are very few people who can give the same amount of love to an adopted kid. Whatever it is, they were not born in their womb so understandably, it is a very difficult decision.

I pray to God that the girl who will marry me will support my decision in adopting a child. I came across a couple who had their first child which was a girl and they adopted a boy to complete their family. Seriously, these people deserve a huge round of applause....they have begun to make a difference and thats how we can make a difference. If everyone of us think the same way, the future for such kids will be really bright and more than that it is really a great difference we will be making for a life....I hope reading this people will think of this option.