Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cold Feet...:(

Well....yesterday I was gung ho about my San Anonio trip with my roomies. Though I did have my reservations with the GMAT looming, the thought that it would be my last trip with them kept me going...and today, I developed cold feet and backed out...and as expected, am under pressure to come back in. I didnt divulge the real reasons to back out though...true, it was the fear of the GMAT and on top of it, I had an extremely bad dream that I scored just 580...MAN...that number was so damn clear....and I had given myself a 2 day break from my books..and that has been slashed to a day :(....On the brighter side, I caught up with the India England one day matches and saw Sachin and Sehwag flog the Poms all around the park...hurray!!!India should make it 7-0...would be interesting :-)...back to the trip, I would be extremely uncomfortable throughout the weekend wasting all the $$( the expense is not the is just that I will not be able to enjoy the trip for the money paid) and on top of it, not studying!!!! :(.....

Another good thing was catching up with one of my best buddies from college. Niranjan had come down to Dallas this week and was pleasantly surprised to see a 103 kg heavy guy lose weight to 78 :-0) prizes for guessing who he is :D...We caught up on old times and time just flew. Should do this more often. Had a small altercation with mom on the GIRL issue :( I was not too interested to carry the conversation forward with the GMAT coming up but you know how pushy moms tend to be ....had to let loose all my pent up anger and tension..(I can be really mean sometimes) and spent the next 30 mins cajoling her and apologising :D...Thats me...anyways those who are reading this...and those who do or do not know me, do wish me luck :-) I need lots of it.

A small note...been stuck with the song Endhan Nenjil from the movie Kalaignan since morning . All my non tamil friends pls do listen to this song. Its a masterpiece.

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