Monday, January 01, 2007

Adoption...Why Not??

It was september 3rd 2006. I wanted to do something different on my star birthday this year and thought why not spend it with the little kids at the orphanage? Little did I know that this would remain etched in my memory for good. Four days back I had met with a severe accident badly damaging my ribs in the process. Naturally I was not in the state of mind to go to the orphanage which was somewhere in Thiruvanmiyur but thinking about the kids made me change my mind. So despite the doctors orders of being strictly in bed, I got my ribs heavily strapped for extra protection and somehow made it to the place.

I reached there grumbling about the weather and that I had committed to them earlier but the moment I reached there, things changed a lot. One look at the small kids filled my heart with so much pity and sympathy that I forgot what I was undergoing at that point. We had our early morning prayers and I served breakfast to them. In the meantime, I started a convversation with the governess there asking how do they find these kids. The stories I heard were really pitiable....some parents throw their own kids in the dustbin leaving them to survive on their own and some abandon them because of poverty or social issues. Some were just shunted away just because they were do people have the heart to do this??

I always believe that we can see God in children. When a new born is placed in a parents hands, the parent feels that he has got what he wanted and that the entire world is at his feet. Believe me its an amazing feeling. Watching a kid grow up, spend time with him, not every movements, the first words and smile can the parent just abandon a part of him just like that??These poor kids do not get what they actually deserve. Though people in the orphanage are really caring, it is mandatory to get parental love.

I left the place a changed man and this had me thinking for a long time. What is the fault of these hapless children?Their parents abandon them, carry on with their lives and it is these kids who as ostracized as ophans...poor things. They are treated as if they are a burden on earth. I lost my heart to them and was never the same. I then decided why not try to make a difference and adopt a child?Anyways you need to have kids...then why not adopt them?They are so lovable and caring and would do anything for you. Yes, I need to consult my better half when I take this decision because for a man, this is very easy but for a woman, lots of things are to be considered. There are very few people who can give the same amount of love to an adopted kid. Whatever it is, they were not born in their womb so understandably, it is a very difficult decision.

I pray to God that the girl who will marry me will support my decision in adopting a child. I came across a couple who had their first child which was a girl and they adopted a boy to complete their family. Seriously, these people deserve a huge round of applause....they have begun to make a difference and thats how we can make a difference. If everyone of us think the same way, the future for such kids will be really bright and more than that it is really a great difference we will be making for a life....I hope reading this people will think of this option.