Saturday, September 30, 2006

Koi Kare Kisi Aur Se Pyar or Kaadhalae Jayam....A VRV Production!!!!

Well...this might sound like a Karan Johar/Balachander movie and its too long too .....but I assure you guys its not one. This is my return to blogging after a loooong gap...reasons unknown to me too. Well..its been over a year since this has happened but the memories are still fresh in my what amazing fun we had...

I vividly remember the was August 19th 2005. It was my first day in Cognizant and my first job too. I walked into the sprawling office in Thoraipakkam with a flurry of thoughts. A mix of excitement and uncertainty could be felt as it was my transition from college life to a professional in the big bad corporate world. I went through the usual formalities which included the medical check up where I had an amusing experience...well this blog is not about that so I will stick to the topic. Nothing special happened that day and we were asked to report in Tidel Park for our induction on the 22nd.

After the weekend flew by, I was geared up for the grand induction into my company. It was my first entry into Tidel Park the much hyped IT palace in Chennai and that added to my excitement. I saw lot of people moving here and there and felt proud to be a part of this wonderful industry. The induction was a big bore except for the final part where our training batches were announced and we created our first salary accounts etc.

The training started on Aug 30th which happened to be my birthday and I was given a sweet surprise by my batchmates who happened to be from the same college. Well, now the interesting part starts. We were known as dot net 13 and since we all knew each other beforehand, there was no excitement. We decided to snoop into the adjoining batch to know about I am an ordinary people must have guessed why I was so interested in the next batch...specially the GIRLS in the next batch :-)

There is a wise saying...99% of the girls are beautiful...the rest are in my college and most of the guys do agree...well with me there wasnt an exception and there were some girls whom I found good to look at but not in my batch!!!!. There was this particular female in the other batch who caught my eye.....let me call her Miss X. Our first meeting was a typical filmi meeting where she was late for class and while running for the classroom, bumped into me by accident. Well...I am still confused ..should I consider myself lucky or regret it...for her eyes said it all...I just stood there like an idiot gaping at her openly not even bothering to apologise while she entered her class giving me a frown all the time :-)...

I returned home still thinking about her and wow.....when I looked into her eyes for the first time, I could hear voilins playing in the background...and the song Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Kya Haal plays in the scene...

The next day, I reached early and started loitering near the stairs hoping to be lucky again. But to my disappointment, she came with a friend of hers and was quite early this time. I thought of apologizing but didn’t have the guts...her friend was no less pretty but I thought something was missing in her face. I thought I should befriend this FRIEND so that I can talk to my gal :)

After days of anticipation, I finally got a chance to talk to both of them...they were lost in the city and I got the chance to be their knight in shining armour. I was quite successful in diluting the tension between us much to my relief. We moved more freely with each other,exchanged numbers..messaged each other till early mornings, talked for long hours over the phone in the night and even went out for movies together...of course with that friend tagging along..I used to feel irritated so I started bringing another friend so that he could keep the other girl busy.

This happened quite discreetly as we would have been ridiculed by our respective batch mates who wouldn’t have spared any effort in deriding us. I was also irritated with the fact that I couldn’t get her out alone because of her friend (Miss Y)!!!!!

One fine day, she called me saying that she wanted to meet me alone. My heart jumped and I prepared myself for the occasion I was waiting for all these days. I showered twice, brushed my teeth and used mouthwash over it, used the best deodorant to avoid risk. I reached the place one hour before time as I was not able to wait.She was 15 minutes late but the fact she came was enough for me. I took her near the waters and waited for her to say something.

After some moments of deliberation, she finally spoke...after she did, I wished this day had never happened...but retrospectively thinking, this was one of the funniest days in my life.She opened up by saying that"You know something, in such a short time you have become a very important person in my life and I dont know what I would have done without you." I was holding my breath eagerly catching every word. She continued..."I hope you will not take me wrongly". I said Nope....she said "I like you very much"...that was what I was eagerly waiting for but before I could express my joy she followed it up saying this..."But my friend is really mad after you and I also thought you two would be perfect for each other thats why got her along wherever we went!!!!"

I was shellshocked!!!!She was playing matchmaker all the while and I was blissfully ignorant about it...I thought this was the end but what followed was even more shocking!!!!She continued saying this..."Now that I have told you this...there is something else I would like to tell you...I like your friend more"!!!!!!!!!!!!

It turned out that my friend was mad after Miss Y who was mad after me...but I was after Miss X who inturn was after my friend!!!!!Life is funny tamil we say...vidhi valkai la valayadithu!!!This is the game of fate....and ya the ending was we guys laughed over it with a bottle of beer and both the girls got married to stinking rich NRI's.....luckily we werent serious about them.....When I think about it today, I do laugh a lot over it...wanted to share this with you all, thats why I put it here.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Nature's Fury

It was a lovely start to my day. The sun had just risen from the horizon and its evanescent rays were touching the clouds...I started my usual routine by going out for my morning jog by the lovely waves in the beach. Strangely, one day the sea did not wake up. The waters had receded and the sea was ususually quiet. I felt uneasy and left before completing my jog. Minutes later, I was shocked to see the waves engulf the entire coast and swallow whatever was in the way. Had this happened a few minutes earlier, I would not be writing this today.
The waves receded again..this time leaving a trail of destruction. Many had lost their loved ones and a lot more had lost everything they had. This catastrophe had indeed scarred many for life. Seeing what had happened, I shuddered. Had I not felt uneasy and left early,had I not listened to my inner voice, God knows what would have happened. I made it a point to help the people who suffered the most here. I attended many social service camps, reached out to the people, heard their harrowing experiences,wept with them and in the night camped out with the other people. No matter how much we try to console them, they were just inconsolable. Some were fortunate enough to survive this miraculously while most of them were not.
Going through all this, several questions appear in my mind. How long will mother nature continue to bear the brunt of man's insalubrious activities?How long will she be patient?If we dont get a grip of ourelves and stop interfering with natue's laws, the reaction is going to be even bigger.....the world might just be seeing its last is just a question WHEN!!!!!