Saturday, January 17, 2009


Finally....a blog update long due...was busy moving to NYC....USA's Mumbai :-)....Always active and awake....I do miss Dallas and my old team though. All my plans to go to India have been put on hold. Spent the weekend with some close relatives and had a blast. Going back to my hotel tomorrow...back to the boredom I was dreading....have tonnes of things to do...finish off my tax returns, apply to B schools etc...YAY!!This project is only for 4 months...I can leave NYC after that.....nowdays a strange feeling has engulfed me....cannot call it lonliness but at the same time, am missing someone in my life...maybe all my relatives are happily married or friends are getting married.....well, depends on how the girl search is also going finding an interest in it suddenly......well, lets hope this is just a passing phase!!!!Guys often try too hard in finding a girl and then once the wedding is over, they regret their decision...I dont wanna do that.....and all the people I roam around here are badly missing a female influence in life...anyways, as I said hope this is just a passing waiting for next week to finish off a few things and start work too. Got a good appraisal and hope to continue the good work....4 months in NYC.....looking forward to it.


DreamVendor said...

I was at NYC last weekend. The city was awesome and I still can't get over the hangover of the city!

DreamVendor said...
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Vivek said...

DUDE You should have contacted me!!!!!!