Monday, February 04, 2008


I should have written this post long ago...thought of doing it after a month got over in 2008 lol..anyways looking back, 2007 was one hell of a roller coaster for me. Too many incidents to mention, too many moments to cherish and ya, my biggest heartbreak too. I had the chance of meeting people whom I always wanted to, made some new friendships which ended up being close to my man, I can just go on and on :-)

The year started with me getting Parthi Sai Baba's darshan in Chennai. For me, he is God and I did notice miracles happening around me too. My mobile got repaired miraculously and whenever I thought of him, he was right in front of me in a flash...people might term this as a coincidence but for me, it is and will be a miracle nonetheless. It happened whenever I wanted to behold his lotus feet.

Next was maha shivratri which I celebrated for the first time ever. I spent the night in the temple not getting sleep at all but it was worth it. I witnessed the abhishek for lord Shiva. I saw that the crowd was desperately trying to get a drop of the milk that was used for the abhishek and had given up hope of procuring it. I barely stepped out of the griha when someone came running upto me and offered the milk. For me, he was Lord Shiva himself. My friend despite being close to the griha couldnt get it while I standing so far away was extremely lucky. Before the abhishek, my friend and I were discussing Shreya Ghoshal's show which was to happen the next day and I had expressed my desire to meet her after the show concludes. My friend who had accompanied me to the temple and the show scoffed at my thought saying it was impossible. Little did I know that my wish was to be granted in an emphatic fashion.

And as mentioned above, I did get to meet Shreya Ghoshal much to the amazement of my friend. I not only got to meet her, but also had a pretty long conversation. Well, I thought things cannot be more strange but I was wrong. A blog I had written about her triggered a google alert and reached her boyfriend's inbox. He got back to me asking for pics which I shared and that was the beginning of a friendship which is still pretty close to me.

As the years progressed, I thought things couldn't get better. I had got my first car and was understandably over the moon. I was also told that I would be leaving the country for the first time in my life. So far, 2007 had been the best year in my life.

Oh I should mention the Garam Masala Performance drunk by mistake and was due to sing on stage...drank a cocktail by mistake and did a Garam Masala with Jhoom Barabar Jhoom on stage :) Man...was really embarrassing .....I happened to mention this to a friend and she wanted me to upload the video..NO WAY!!!!I don't want anyone to see me embarrassed :D

This post had some censored stuff...and I had to remove it...!!!!That goes for the comments too...sorry ppl.
.....this was 2007 for me.,..,


FJ said...

Oh man! What can I say? I know too well how it feels. But believe me, you won't feel the same one year from now. Cheeras and courage.

Vivek said...

Thanks FJ...its already a year since this happened :-) And what a coincidence...someone else told me the same thing :D

A penny for my thoughts? said...

I know the heart wont accept consolation when it still harbors such intense feelings but time will bring about a change... Or... who knows maybe, fate could bring you two back together... One can never really predict... Things NEVER remain the way they are... EVERYTHING changes... (Sorry about getting philo' but I am currently going through this phase in life where whatever I thought was meant to be is all being proven wrong... I'll cut short the rambling now)...

Vivek said...

Totally agreed Nas....things never remain the same....I have decided to move on and I am doing that...According to me, life is matter what :-) Thanks for the kind words

Ever Hopeful said...

Hi vivek

Have read your blog couple of time and I always enjoyed.

For first time I see emotional and devotional side of a male.

I have never come across such a intense feeling of love for GOD and human being alike in a male(may be I met only those whonever expressed themselves, be my father,my brother..). I always though that they find it veryeasy to get over breakups, give a damn to sentiments. I was wrong

Thanks for leting me know the softer side of males.
Best wishes

Vivek said...

@Ever Hopeful

Thanks a would be nice if you tell me who you are...I am touched that you visit my blog and enjoy reading it and ya.....males are softer than you think....inside maybe more than a woman.

Ever Hopeful said...


let it be a suspense,but, one thing might be clear to you I am female. I shall be shortly writing my blog, in a moths time, as I am busy with academic asignments, but to unwind, I do visit the blogs that are well written.Yours is one of them, By the way your other blog "darkest secret..), does not have anything post, is it intentional, as I interpreted it as "since its darkest, so one cannot see, am I right?

Best wishes

Vivek said...

@Ever hopeful

Ha Ha Ha ...yes you are right. That blog was in the wrong place and the posts are somewhere else. I unload all my machinations there :p and thats forbidden territory for everyone...even people really close to me. Maybe my wife will be the only eprson who will be authorized to see it :D

And Thanks for considering that my blog is well written. After seeing Arti's and some other blogs, I realized I have a long way to go. Yet you can ready Koi Kare Kisi Aur Se Pyar...its a combination of fiction and exaggerated real life incidents :D