Sunday, September 30, 2007

Be Right Back!!!!

Okies.....I know I am neglecting this space for quite a while...what to do things are so tight and as usual, my life is too dramatic :-) right now am experiencing life in the US...and ya miss India and miss India thinking of something to post and will be back with lots of them.Thanks to everyone for all the comments I've received in my mail. I am thankful that you all spend time to read my blog and some of the mails I received regarding the last article were really touching. Yes it is a true incident, not one of my fictitious exaggerations.

Once I start posting, I'll delete this post as usual. And ya comments are always welcome. I still get mails for Koi Kare Kisi Aur Se Pyar and am happy I am the reason for you to smile.....will come back with more humor. I know thats lacking now for quite sometime. The theme of my next story is a love marriage in which knowingly or unknowingly, I was the reason for the girl and boy to trying to induce a humor element in it and am hard pressed for time...I hope it would be worth the please be patient, I'll be back very soon...its a promise.

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