Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Most Cherished V-Day comes the much hyped valentines day again. One thing I continuously fail to understand is what is the need to celebrate a day for love? What about the remaining 364 days?? Now having read this, you must be wondering why did I name this "My Best Valentine Day"??? Read on and you will know.

Unlike my other stories, this did not happen long long ago...just last year. The day started with me bunking office and going to watch the movie Rang De Basanti with a lovely lady (now dont get any were not available for the rest of the days and the fact that feb 14th was v-day had totally slipped out of my mind). This was the first time I was going to watch a movie in a theater alone with a girl and that feeling was pleasantly strange.....I went with her to watch the movie and thankfully, the movie was excellent...we had a good time watching it and I escorted her back home like a perfect gentleman(well...this is the only place I can call myself one :D).

I returned home only to realise that I had forgotten to have my lunch and was feeling really hungry. My bad luck...that day my roomies had finished all the snacks that were left at home. I had to satisfy myself with the top ramen curry packets which I successfully dug out of nowhere.

Before switching on the gas, I noticed that the window of the apartment directly opposite to my kitchen's window was wide open. all guys, I wished a beautiful girl would look out and smile at me..but having said this, I would like to point out that I am different from the rest. I dont believe in just dreaming...I wanted to live my dream.

I started singing the song "Mere Saamnewaali Khidki Mein Ek Chand Ka Tukda Rehta Hai" from the movie "Padosan" and believe me guys...I always hate my voice...but on this occassion, even Kishore Kumar would have conceded that I was better than him that day(ok ok...I know this is too much but I have to live my dream na ;) )....I was so engrossed in the song that I started emoting it literally (danced around with the noodles packet in my hand imagining it to be a girl) no bothering about my harried neighbours or my stomach's grumbling).............

Once I was done, I heard someone clapping. I peeped out of the kitchen window only to find an old lady in my saamnewaali khidki applauding my performance. The sweet lady gestured that I sing really well and I acknowledged by blowing out some kisses for her. She laughed and invited me ove for a coffee......I got back into the gentleman mode (Ya I am like a switch...sometimes naughty and sometimes too good to be true....the naughty side dominating me), hurriedly made myself presentable and got a box of chocolates for my DATE before leaving.

I reached her place in five minutes and I could find out her flat from the smell of fresh coffee reaching my nose. She ushered me in, accepted the chocolates and ya .....gave me the the best I've had till now. I asked her about her family and she said she was here for a vacation and will return to the US where her son is posted now.

I could make out from her voice that she is very lonely and wanted some company for the day. Well... the nice side of me surfaced and I decided to make the day memorable for her. I did entertain her for a long time and even cooked dinner(smart lady na ;) ) for her...

Like all good things come to an end, this day had to end. When I was leaving, my DATE said "Thanks a lot! In this one day, you gave this old lady so much happiness".....I felt very nice and wishing her well, I left.

Even today, when I look out of my kitchen window into my saamnewaali khidki, I still relive that day...I dont know where she is today(must have gone back to the US) ...............but she's a chand ka tukda at heart...dil se!!!!

Guys, do spend some time with elderly people who are will get so many blessings that your life will be really smooth and satisfying...believe me!!!!


A penny for my thoughts? said...

Wow... That was touching... The most cherished V-day indeed :).
Here's hoping you find YOUR "chand ka tukda" soon :P...
Happy Valentine's day, buddy!!

priya said...

LOL!!Really funny!! A different V-Day experience for you...
It is indeed true that it is good to spend time with people who are alone, to give them warmth when they badly need it...and the love they shower in return on us will always be special.