Friday, September 01, 2006

Nature's Fury

It was a lovely start to my day. The sun had just risen from the horizon and its evanescent rays were touching the clouds...I started my usual routine by going out for my morning jog by the lovely waves in the beach. Strangely, one day the sea did not wake up. The waters had receded and the sea was ususually quiet. I felt uneasy and left before completing my jog. Minutes later, I was shocked to see the waves engulf the entire coast and swallow whatever was in the way. Had this happened a few minutes earlier, I would not be writing this today.
The waves receded again..this time leaving a trail of destruction. Many had lost their loved ones and a lot more had lost everything they had. This catastrophe had indeed scarred many for life. Seeing what had happened, I shuddered. Had I not felt uneasy and left early,had I not listened to my inner voice, God knows what would have happened. I made it a point to help the people who suffered the most here. I attended many social service camps, reached out to the people, heard their harrowing experiences,wept with them and in the night camped out with the other people. No matter how much we try to console them, they were just inconsolable. Some were fortunate enough to survive this miraculously while most of them were not.
Going through all this, several questions appear in my mind. How long will mother nature continue to bear the brunt of man's insalubrious activities?How long will she be patient?If we dont get a grip of ourelves and stop interfering with natue's laws, the reaction is going to be even bigger.....the world might just be seeing its last is just a question WHEN!!!!!


A penny for my thoughts? said...

Hey newbie
Chanced upon your blog from your orkut page
Keep up the good writin :)

KP said...

Hey..Good one..Still I get Tsunami dreams. It should have been a deadly feeling for u

Jadedqueen said...

"to my inner voice, god knows...."...i belive ur inner voice is ur god for the moment...and its true thing how long will she bear our misbehavior...she has born us long enough its time to stop...but how and where do u have any has come to a point till the exploitation os nature has come to full circle a vicious circle.....